Change the Netscaler/Access Gateway Enterprise logon pages from GUI

Up until now it has been somewhat difficult to change the theme of the Netscaler/Access Gateway Enterprise (AGEE) logon pages. The process has involved logging into the Netscaler/AGEE by means of SSH and manually customizing these pages. With the newly released CloudGateway 2.5 Citrix also provided a new enhancement build of the Netscaler firmware. This build is called “Release Build 71.6014.e” and includes a GUI choice of the Netscaler/Access Gateway Enterprise logon page theme.

Three themes are selectable; the good old black theme which is called DEFAULT, the new Citrix Receiver theme called GREENBUBBLE and CUSTOM. The last one just means that you may customize your theme manually like today. Keep in mind that this is a global choice and changes the themes of every Access Gateway vServer. Time will tell if Citrix are going to make it possible to change the themes from GUI on individual vServers in the future.

The themes are selected under Access Gateway -> Global Settings -> Change Global Settings.

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