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I have three big priorities in life; my family, football and IT. As a father of  three boys aged 1 to 10, there’s never a dull moment. Football, or soccer as some of you may call it, takes up a lot of my free time. Since my playing days are long gone, my involvement now is either coaching or watching my beloved Arsenal FC. Watching my kids play football, is just the best medicine. Coincidentally it happens that they are Arsenal fans also, something that just makes me even more proud of them…

When something catches my interest, I go all in. No holding back. That was the case back in ’97-98 when i first was introduced to Citrix and Server Based Computing. Back then it was easy, since Citrix equaled a single product. I could therefore focus on technologies from many different vendors. That meant I could do my share of Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange implementations.

Nowadays Citrix have a big portfolio of different technologies, so trying to keep up to date is a full-time job. I mainly do XenApp, Provisioning Services, XenServer and Netscaler projects, but I’m involved with most of the other Citrix technologies as well. I’m co-founder and partner of the company Firstpoint where I have my daily work together with Magnar Johnsen.




I love technology, and i love my job as an IT Engineer and Architect. I’m the kind of guy that opens a ballpoint pen just to see how it works, and knowing how stuff work is the key to becoming an expert.

My first computer was a Commodore 64 where I soon learned my first Basic programming. I did my education in electronics focused on computers, but as soon as I started working, the focus on software became more relevant.

Frode first pulled me into Citrix and Terminalserver after working togehter with him for about a year. Working with this technology I soon discovered that you need a bit of scripting and developer skills to make things work smoothely.

Since then I’ve been creating lots of tools for Citrix environments, and I early got into User environment management. I was a part of the Flexprofile kit development before it became Immedio. I’ve shared some of my tools earlier and I will hopefully be able to share some tools and script on this blog to.

I have my everyday work as an IT Solution Architect at Firstpoint, which I’m also a co-founder of.

Lately I’ve seen how IT is changing due to Consumerization, the mobile revolution and the Cloud, and much of my day is about adapting and optimizing enterprise IT solutions to fit the new IT expectations. To keep my knowledge updated I’m attending courses and seminars, and I’m reading expert blogs, and following experts on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. “First Impression GPUPerf3”
    Hi Magnar, first thx for de awesone job with the GPU Perf Tools, help us so much in the nvidia vgpu – citrix world.

    Use Case with GPUPerf2:
    – General “all default configuration” with a GPO (–>create Folder/create and copy files/ start exe)
    – Log the performancedata on a “persistent PVS Disk” when de user logon (Terminalserver and VDI)
    – Create an unique report file per User with date (variable %date%)
    – Central configuration in the config.ini file

    Troubles with the GPUPerf3:
    – it creates *new* a ini file with the host name? example gpuperf-%hostname%.ini
    – unfortunately i cant attach pictures :-/

    best regards

    Sascha Meyes

    • Hi. Very cool to hear what you do with GPUPerf. Would like to hear more about it. The reason for why I changed config.ini is that I wanted to be able to have different config file per machine. So you can just copy one gpuperf-%hostname%.ini and rename for all machines. Hopefully this would work out for you.

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